MPlayer/FFMpeg port on win32 MPlayer, MEncoder and FFMpeg native win32/win64 builds
Direct Show Native Wrapper dsnative it's a c++ wrapper using MS baseclasses that loads directly a direct show filter
ClamAV Antivirus native win32 port My native win32 port of ClamAV used in ClamWin Free Antivirus
Windows PE Stuff Stuff to use with Bart's PEBuilder
Guides & How-To Some guides and howto
Virtual Centre Manager A web application for collaborative working
Win32 Tools A collection of win32 tools: NSIS plugins (nsRestartExplorer), ImDisk multiarch, FileDisk Shell Extension, Raw Dot Matrix Printer.
Python LDAP for win32 Python LDAP win32 and needed Development libraries. (outdated)
Netfarm Mail Archiver A daemonized email filter written in python that archives and indexes emails.
Python stuff for cyrus imapd A collection of utilities that are useful for administering the Cyrus IMAP server and its sasldb database.
Zope Utils A collection of utilities for Zope
Audio/Video Links A link collection about Audio/Video Encoding on windows and linux
Windows Live Messenger 2009 on Windows XP 64bit Little utility to bypass oscheck
MSN boxed message generator Boxed message for use in MSN Messenger or other IM
Just for fun: some error messages The creativity of OS programmers...