Netfarm Open Source Software

MPlayer/FFMpeg port on win32 MPlayer, MEncoder and FFMpeg native win32/win64 builds
Direct Show Native Wrapper dsnative it's a c++ wrapper using MS baseclasses that loads directly a direct show filter
ClamAV Antivirus native win32 port My native win32 port of ClamAV used in ClamWin Free Antivirus
Windows PE Stuff Stuff to use with Bart's PEBuilder
Guides & How-To Some guides and howto
Virtual Centre Manager A web application for collaborative working
Win32 Tools A collection of win32 tools: NSIS plugins (nsRestartExplorer), ImDisk multiarch, FileDisk Shell Extension, Raw Dot Matrix Printer.
Python LDAP for win32 Python LDAP win32 and needed Development libraries. (outdated)
Netfarm Mail Archiver A daemonized email filter written in python that archives and indexes emails.
Python stuff for cyrus imapd A collection of utilities that are useful for administering the Cyrus IMAP server and its sasldb database.
Zope Utils A collection of utilities for Zope
Just for fun: some error messages The creativity of OS programmers...