MPlayer on Windows (win32/win64)

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Build selection table

ARCHCPUBuild (r38407+g10a56363a7)
AMD64/Intel EM64T 64bit cpu on 64bit Operating System, will not work on 32bit Windows, binary codecs are not supported x86_64
AMD K8+SSE3 Athlon 64 (X2), Phenom (II), Athlon II, Sempron AM2/AM3, Bulldozer, AMD FX, socket FM1/FM2 A-series k8-sse3
Intel Core 2 Core 2 Duo/Quad, Pentium Dual-Core, Celeron 4xx/Exxxx, Atom core2
Intel Nehalem Core i3/i5/i7, Celeron/Pentium G corei7
Generic Intel 486 or better (see notes) generic

Builds are made using MinGW-w64 x86/x86_64 toolchain and require at least Windows XP, 64bit builds require at least Windows 7 64bit

Report bugs using github issues pages

Other precompiled versions of MPlayer can be found on the main projects page

7z files are 7-zip archives

Binaries: MPlayer/MEncoder (in the same package), FFmpeg.

Sourceforge mirrors may take a while to update packages, so try later if problems.

▽ MPlayer/MEncoder svn r38407+g10a56363a7 - 20221217

▽ FFmpeg-x86 git N-109428-g10a56363a7 - 20221217

▽ FFmpeg-x86_64 git N-109428-g10a56363a7 - 20221217

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- Notes -

MPlayer suffix revision is git revision of libavcodec that was compiled in

More infos about Direct Show Native Wrapper, look at "VideoCodec" column to see what to add after -vc in MPlayer


If you enable fontconfig, the first run of mplayer can take a while, even 2-3 minutes, because the font cache needs to be created. In the window you can follow fonts that are being parsed. Other runs you will have no delay until you make changes to the font directory.

i486 generic build

frei0r filters and following codecs still need i686 cpu:


You can ask for a different SDL2 video render by setting SDL_VIDEO_RENDER environment variable. Possible values are direct3d (default), opengl, software.

frei0r plugins

FFmpeg build supports frei0r plugins that needs be to downloaded separately, I've prepared frei0r-plugins-x86-v1.8.0-8-ga9d15ff.7z and frei0r-plugins-x86_64-v1.8.0-8-ga9d15ff.7z. Just unpack into FFmpeg directory, you should have ffmpeg.exe and at the same level frei0r-1 subdir

libfdk-aac encoder

libfdk-aac encoder is not included in MEncoder and FFmpeg package due to licensing problems, you should download separately libfdk-aac-x86-v2.0.2-231-g3f864cc.7z or libfdk-aac-x86_64-v2.0.2-231-g3f864cc.7z (for the 64bit version) and unpack the dll (with e.g. 7zip) in the directory in which the executable lies.


To use dvdnav the best way is pick a recent svn build of smplayer from SMPlayer homepage

Since for some reason KEYPAD arrow keys on win32 are the same keys of arrow keys, you cannot use them without losing seek ability of right and left, so you can add this snip in input.conf to re-route them to menu system only if dvdnav is selected:

UP    {dvdnav} dvdnav up          # DVDNav UP
DOWN  {dvdnav} dvdnav down        # DVDNav DOWN
LEFT  {dvdnav} dvdnav left        # DVDNav LEFT
RIGHT {dvdnav} dvdnav right       # DVDNav RIGHT
ESC   {dvdnav} dvdnav menu        # DVDNav MENU
ENTER {dvdnav} dvdnav select      # DVDNav SELECT (ok)
BS    {dvdnav} dvdnav prev        # DVDNav PREVIOUS menu (in the order chapter->title->root)

Experimental unsupported Win98 SE build

I've made a build compatible with Win98 SE, most optimizations are disabled since not supported by the OS, it worked for me in VirtualBox. Download them from MPlayer-win98-r38116+g23fe072e43.7z.

HX Dos Extender

At this time (12/20/2009), I've successfully run mplayer on FreeDOS + HX Extender on a WMware Virtual Machine, you need to use sdl video output. Unfortunately there is a glitch, the default resolution given by sdl with -vm or similar switches, trashes the console at exit so the best way to run it is using default output with -vo sdl, that merely results in a continuous error message, then press C key to cycle resolutions. Using dpmild32 -g also works fine. You also need additionals dll:

You can avoid passing command line options for vo/ao by adding these lines to mplayer\config:


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