This project is discontinued

The most asked question is 64bit support, I've made some trials a lot of time ago, but without success, though it looks possible, someone made progress in this direction. Hopefully I'll get some time again for WinPE.

Project Links:

Plugin to use with Bart's PEBuilder

Note versions of my plugins are not referred to upstream package versions, but instead to the versions of the plugins

Plugins in cab format can be directly added using bartpe add option. Archives like zip and 7z should be manually uncompressed in the plugins directory. 7z files are 7-zip archives, download it from


[v2.0] InfCacheBuild 2.0 InfCacheBuild - Tool for postprocessing (32/64 bits)


[v1.0.7] Windows XPE plugin look in ChangeLog, I'm lazy

[v1.5] Nu2XPE ShortCuts Converter a replacement for nu2parser

[v0.1] Boot Screen Changer a replacement for bootvid.dll to show a custom bootscreen

[v0.1] Dependency Walker Useful to track what dll are needed

[v1.0] Codecs Plugin for XPE/PnP Ogg/Matroska/FFDshow Codecs for XPE + PnP

[v1.0] Encoding: VirtualDubMod + Xvid a plugin to encode video files

[v0.2] Nero Burning Rom 6.x Nero + Cache Disk Selector

[v1.0] Nvidia Detonator Drivers for xpe/pnp

[v1.1] VmWare Drivers for xpe/pnp, enables video driver and copy/paste stuff

[v1.0] PktFilter a simple packet filter plugin, this can prevent blaster and co. attacks

[v2.7] ClamWin Antivirus Scanner 0.92 OpenSource ClamWin Antivirus Scanner

[v1.0] ERD Commander 2002 (XPE Edition) contains Start Menu ShortCuts and ErdRoot program to change ERD Target Root

[v2.1] AutoRamDiskResizer based on a Sergio Neddi's idea, resizes ramdisk depending on system ram

[v1.2] Registry Expander expands at runtime environment variables in registry keys

[v1.0] Unknown Devices a pci/agp bus dumper

[v1.2] Java Plugin 1.6.0_02 Java 1.6 + plugin for ie/firefox

[v1.5] Java Plugin 1.5.0_11 Java 1.5 + plugin for ie/firefox

[v1.9] Java Plugin 1.4.2_15 Java 1.4.2 + plugin for ie/firefox

[v3.3] Mozilla Firefox Plugin ramdisk is needed only to store the profile, Firefox runs from cdrom

[v1.3] Mozilla Firefox Flash Plugin macromedia flash support for Mozilla Firefox

[v1.2] MkDirProfiles Sets profiles dir on temp and creates Desktop/Temp directories, not needed for XPE

[v2.2] Sysinternals Utilites there is also a program to extract .sys files from resources. Remember to activate your cdrom drive in Volumes menu of ntfilemon since removable media are by default in ntfilemon

[v1.2] FileDisk Plugin a "meta-plugin", it can be used to handle iso/hdimages like normal drives, now includes a shell extension to handle iso files.

[v1.1] Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 + ie/firefox plugins

[v1.1] Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 + ie/firefox plugins, it should work on all locales

[v1.4] WinPcap Library v1.4 - wpcap v4.0.0.755 (4.0) you need to start network first

[v1.0] Wireshark 0.99.5 - v1.0 The world's most popular network protocol analyzer (former Ethereal)

[v1.0] Show Traffic a free network monitor tool (Very nice prog shows collects all connections)

[v1.1] SciTE - Scintilla Editor a powerfull text editor using scintilla engine

[v1.4] Mcafee Ramdisk + NaiUpdater + BartGui Includes NaiUpdater v1.06, Needs Ramdisk plugin

[v1.08] naiupdater-1.08.7z - Network Associated automatic dat updater, GPL (includes sources)

Third part Plugins

Sophos Antivirus Gui by Nixie

SAMInside Pro by Anacleto


[20050322] Build Scripts My set of PEBuilder scripts, includes a wrapper

[v1.0] StringExtractor A tool to extract string resources, GPL (includes sources)

[v1.0] RegHives Saves and restores reg hives (HKCR, HKCC, HKCU), GPL (includes sources) v0.9 Python script to convert .reg exports in pebuilder inf file format v0.1 Python script to convert directories tree in pebuilder inf file format v0.6 Python script to convert .csv Install Control 5 Exports v0.3 Python script to recompress jar files to gain some space on disk - Standalone Windows Executable

You can download Active Python for Win - Community edition. These scripts can be used also on unix python