Win32 Related utils

Please note amd64 architecture also called x86_64 refers to amd 64bit cpus and Intel with em64t (core duo 2, new xeon). Windows 64bit runs on both amd and intel cpu, so amd64 binaries are suitable also for Intel.

Itanium also called ia64 is a totally different architecture, mainly used for servers.


A little tool to print files in RAW format, you can use it to print directly ESC/P2 codes to a dot matrix printer. You can use a network printer without having any driver installed. Without arguments it will pop a gui to configure the printer, then it will save a .ini file with the selected printer. To print just drag the file on the executable or via batch pass as commandline. GPL, icons from Nuvola theme.


A plugin for NSIS and standalone for rundll32 to stop, start and gracefully restart explorer. Please look at README.txt included in the package for more infos.


A multiuse tool to mount iso/images ramdisk and more, you can find more informations here and on the author's web site.

My contributions to this project:

[Virtual Disk Driver (VDK) amd64/em64t build]

Unofficial and unsupported amd64 build of the driver, it works for me but I can't assure 100% 64bit compliance.

(Feb 2011) Updated projects to build with WDK 7600.16385.1 and Visual Studio 2010 on GitHub


FileDisk Shell Extension for win32/win64

A nice Shell Extension to use with FileDisk

GPL, Read ReadMe.txt for copyright informations