Python LDAP for win32 using MinGW

You don't need anymore my binaries, you can find up to date binaries on official site

Development libraries

Python LDAP Setup (with ssl, but no dll deps)

python-ldap-2.2.1.win32-py2.5.exe [604KiB]

If you want to compile yourself the python extension, you have to set mingw as compiler, and since setuputils have a bug that allow to specify compiler with -c option only for build target, you need to hack Lib/distutils/ by forcing the return value of get_default_compiler() function to 'mingw'. So go after the docstring before the first line of the code and add return 'mingw'. Please note that this will avoid you to correctly compile extensions win MSVC. Be sure to have mingw gcc in your path. Python 2.4 does not like Python LDAP 2.2.1

You also need to edit setup.cfg and change the line:

libs = ldap_r lber sasl2 ssl crypto


libs = ldap_r lber ssl crypto ws2_32