Virtual Centre Manager

Virtual Centre Manager is a web application designed for the support of projects in a collaboration comunity

More info on the project site:

Download latest release vcm-3.1.tar.gz

Upstream Authors:


In order to install VCM you need to:
 - install zope 2.7
 - install python-imaging (PIL)
 - install postgresql >= 8.1
 - create a zope 2.7 instance
 - copy the contents of zope subdirectory in your zope instance folder
 - import vcm.zexp into your zope instance
 - create your vcm db on postgresql using vcm_db_schema.sql
 - setup PoPy DA vcm_db connection string properties
 - modify localFS vcm/repository base path property to <ZOPE INSTANCE FOLDER>/var/repository
 - modify python Script vcm/script/get_img with your instance path