ClamAV Antivirus Native Win32 Port - 0.103.11-r1

This is an unofficial native port of the well known ClamAV Antivirus, this port is used in ClamWin Antivirus

x64 package is built with Visual Studio 2022 and needs Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for x64.

x86 package is built with Mingw-w64 (32bit) and runs on all Windows version from WinNT4 (MinGW build) to Windows 11, LLVM JIT does not work on old systems so you may want to delete libclamav_llvm.dll.

On Windows 98 libclamunrar needs unicows.dll, you can download opencow (open source version of MSLU) from Open Layer for Unicode, extract the archive, then place unicows.dll in the same directory of clamav.
This package is a slightly improved version by me, you can find sources here

On WinNT4 you may need to set OPENSSL_ia32cap environment variable to ~0x1000000 because nt4 does not support SSE (I get illegal instruction in my VM).

Sources can be found on GitHub

Changelog (Date are DMY)

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Current Stable 0.103.11-r1


ClamAV Gui ScreenShot

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A simple GUI suitable for recovery bootable media