ClamAV Antivirus Native Win32 Port - 0.99.2

Versions explained: XXXX or XXXX-n-gYYYYYYY -> XXXX clamav version - n commits since last tag - YYYYYYY git rev (git describe --tags)

This is an unofficial native port of the well known ClamAV Antivirus, this port is used in ClamWin Antivirus


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Current Stable 0.99.2 - crt version 8.0.50727.6195


Sources can be found on GitHub:

git clone -b clamav-0.99

You can find a win32 client for git on msysgit project page

Build instructions:

Notes for MinGW build:


ClamAV Gui ScreenShot

[Misc files]

A simple GUI suitable for recovery bootable media